Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cartoons for Play!

Children need play!

So many teachers concern themselves with ordering children to keep their toys in their cubbies, and to only talk about "school" things. Children are forced to ignore their instincts and interests to participate in class activities. Teachers are left with writing samples that have no meaning to the children.

Instead, some teachers are inviting the toys, TV discussions, and movie characters into their classrooms. These teachers are experiencing children who are passionate about their writing and literacy experiences. The characters provided in movies and TV shows are only so developed, and the children are given the opportunity to further develop the characters. This can be done through writing, acting, interacting, and negotiating with partners. 

Allowing children to play in the classroom gives the chance for further exploration and development. These children will be exposed to meaningful activities to enhance their creativity and enrichment in literacy experiences. So many times, a child needs something to care about to produce a quality writing experience. Children care about toys, and integrating their passions into the classroom only heightens their learning experiences in literacy.